Review: Rakuen ~Aikawarazu na Boku no Baai~

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It’s very likely that no one who speaks English really cares about this game, but I felt compelled to write this, so here you go. Spent about three hours on it, not counting coming up with what I was going to say in the first place. Contains some minor spoilers, but nothing that will ruin […]

A bunch of random light novel reviews

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I would say I wrote this in hopes of someone finding it interesting, but that’s an impossible dream. Anyway, here’s a bunch of mini-reviews of light novels I’ve read recently. Or more like over the past year or so.

Review: Long Live The Queen

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The Don may send a posse after me for writing this, but Long Live The Queen isn’t that bad of a puzzle.

Vividred’s clever stupidity

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Vividred Operation is more than a homage, it’s a love letter. One sent to the wrong address, using a weird envelope and maybe even needlessly encrypted, but very beautiful and heartfelt. At its core, it’s still a standard magical girls show. Look beyond the multiple layers of sexualization and Kazuhiro Takamura’s almost pathological obsession with […]

Saki Achiga-hen sucks

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Explaining what Saki is and the reason it’s so popular is one of the most challenging problems I’ve had as someone who watches anime. The series, its author and everything surrounding this franchise make no sense to anyone who isn’t already acquainted with their eccentricities, so I refuse to waste much time talking about this. […]

2012 Eroge Year in Review

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Seeing as Kefit has graced us with a brobdingnagian essay on the finer points of Sword Art Online, I feel that it is my duty to provide my similarly enormous audience with a year-in-review post of my own devising. So, let’s go with a quick write-up about every eroge released in 2012 that I played […]

2012 Anime Year in Review

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Kefit here again. I say “again” even though I haven’t posted anything here since ranting about the winter anime season a year ago, but I trust you all remember my pulchritude and elegance. And if not, all you need to know is that “fucking” is the ninth most common word in upcoming wall of text. […]

Why you should watch Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon right this instant

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After what I believe has been several years at this point, I’m finally posting a blog entry about anime. Consider it a belated Christmas miracle.

October Eroge Releases ~清楚系が好きで何が悪い~

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Hello month of delays. I ignored Sangokuhime but I don’t think anyone cares. 10/26→11/22 Yin-Yang! X ChangeEX(CROWD) 10/26→11/22 『彼氏いない歴=年齢』じゃ、どうしてイケナイのよ!?(裸足少女) 10/26→11/22 魔王と踊れ! CODE:ARCANA(catwalk) 10/26→11/30 この世界の向こうで(オレンジエール) 10/26→11/30 ヒミツのオトメ(Etoiles) 10/26→12/21 ミライセカイのプラネッタ(りぷる) 10/26→未定→11/30 NEWデブプラスもっと!デブトピア(わるきゅ~れ) 11/22→11/30 キスベル(戯画) 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 Navel Telecards I think everyone knows about Navel’s 10th anniversary project by now, featuring as you would expect everyone’s beloved Nishimata, and […]


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