Fungi Reviews Anime – Summer 2011

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Hi guys, I’m Fungi and I have superior taste in everything.

I watched anime. Some more than others.Everything not on this list, I’m either never going to watch or is called Natsume Yuujinchou and I haven’t watched the previous seasons yet.


Usagi Drop: This is a government-funded conspiracy to fight low birthrates. And I’m falling for it.
Croisee: I’ll take one.

Penguindrum: Started out fantastic, not as fantastic now. Expect more coming.
Kamisama Dolls: Pretty fun. Awesome OP sequence. Hibino > Utao
Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 1000%: Ikemen as fuck. Makes me wet.

No.6: Not highly original, but interesting enough.
Nekogami Yaoyorozu: Pretty amusing. Full of things you filthy gaijin wouldn’t get.

— Everything below this line is not worth any more of my time. —

Sacred Seven: What’s the draw?
IDOLM@STER: Offensively inoffensive. Boring shit.
Mayochiki: It’s got typical LN junk. Worst main heroine ever.
Dantalian: Okay…?
Itsuka Tenma no Kurousagi: Did they even have anyone who didn’t read the original watch this and provide input? Did they even have anyone with half a brain do that?

Blood-C: lol.
Yuruyuri: A mix of everything I’ve seen before, done better before.
Ro-kyu-bu: It’s going to take far more than that to make my dick hard.
Twin Angel: Boring as shit.

R-15: Insultingly bad. Holy shit.

Some guy who isn’t teru would like to add to this post because having one opinion is bad.
But since fungi ordered things by rank it would be unnatural to jam in my own thoughts in his section if they do not match his ranks.
So I’ll be lazy and do this instead.

Itsuka Tenma no Kurousagi: Ultimate Chuu2 anime with wonderful unstable main heroine and fancy visuals and crap always happening. Watching weekly.
Ro-kyuu-bu aka Lolicube: I am watching this weekly just to see Tomoka blush. Also to see her gracefully shoot. I CARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK I WANT TO CRAWL INTO TOMOKA’S FUTON. The rest of the girls I don’t care about all that much.
Sacred Seven: I love this show because it feels like it’s shouting YEAH WE’RE MAKING AN ANIME ABOUT A GUY WHO TRANSFORMS INTO A MEGAMAN SUIT BY EXPENDING MILLION DOLLAR JEWELS SO WHAT. Its like it’s taking itself seriously in a non-serious way.
Idolm@ster: NOW THIS IS HOW DO YOU A FREAKING IDOLM@STER ANIME. It did everything right and doesn’t feel cheesy at all, it’s very natural about everything without stuffing any moe crap in your face. I mean Haruka is a renowned dojikko but it doesn’t go LOLOLOLOLOLO LOOK SHE TRIPPED, it’s more seamless about it.

Will probably marathon at the end of the season list unless I feel like watching them because I pretty much watched 4 episodes of each already:
Croisee: Same type of anime as Aria, Sketchbook, etc. Read a bit of the manga a while back, watch it for Yune and happiness.
Kamisama Dolls: Interesting setting, though not enough to consider watching weekly.
Mawaru Penguindrum: Must be seen to be believed.
Usagi Drop: I know fungi likes this sort of stuff because it’s more realistic. It’s enjoyable but it’d be more interesting to see time past gradually instead of 6 year old forever.

Mayochiki: This is the most Light Novel crap I’ve ever seen. The lines, settings, characters, progression, cheesy slapstick, predictable tsukkomi, pacing, everything is so light novel. It hurts.
Twin Angel: Sorry.
Nekogami: Plain boring.
R-15: This was painful in every possible way. It’s even more painful because it’s trying to be decent, but watching it was like… wading in a pool of mud for 24 minutes. Everything just felt so artificial.
Yuruyuri: I haven’t watched it but I’ve read two volumes of the manga. It’s basically just a much crappier version of ichigo mashimaro with cuter characters.

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  1. Kefit says:

    Needs more swearing to fit in on a Moogy blog.

    And more watching Itsuten, lolicube, and Twin Angel.

    And less Nekogami christ what is wrong with you I presume it has something to do with your soul being eaten by Japanese businessmen maybe you should do something about that I hear loli therapy is very effective for treatment of this disease.

  2. Jolin says:

    Look at me! Swearing is cool and funny! lolol

  3. dedicated moogy-sama fan says:

    who the fuck let you post in here
    where’s my moogy-sama

  4. That One Unimportant Guy says:

    He’s apparently somewhere.

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