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Hello, mysterious nameless person again. You can call me… Nanashi. It means no name in Japanese. Isn’t that cool. Kakkoii.
But if you really call me nanashi I’ll rip your neck off. My real name is Alice. Call me Arisu.
I think this opening line will piss a lot of people off so I’ll apologize in advance but I won’t take it down.

Anyway, I’m pretty positive that nobody really cares about these overviews but people telling me to continue for no reason. So I guess I will. 6 days late.
Last month’s personal favourite by the way was Shikigami. Of course I didn’t get anywhere near finishing it, just like every other eroge.
I’ve been too busy pretending to work and spending hours and hours grinding skills on new PSP Growlanser 4.

Last month’s video:

08/26→09/02 未来ノスタルジア(パープルソフトウェア)
08/26→09/22 D-EVE in you(Twinkle)
08/26→09/22 ユユカナ(NanaWind)
09/22→09/30 神咒神威神楽(light)
09/22→09/30 your diary(CUBE)
09/30→10/28 たいせつなきみのために、ぼくにできるいちばんのこと(だんでらいおん)

Yes the first delay isn’t relevant anymore so I’ll introduce it. Let’s start.

August Eroge:

I’m too lazy to make a comment on something I have -1000 interest in but it is my duty to link and inform you anyway. So here’s a link.

I’m too lazy to mak(ry
Fuck blonde twintails.

I’m too l(r

D-EVE in you oh wait delayed again!!!!111111
Sucks anyway, twins aren’t heroines.

Reason people play.
There is no value in a lump of sugar game without Moekibara.

Moogy comment: I will mention this here randomly. Shumon Yuu, my favorite writer and the guy who wrote Itsusora for Lump of Sugar, has left the WillPlus umbrella along with some other writers (like the guy who did Sukimazakuro). Maybe he’ll get to do another project with Moekibara again!

I’m to(ry

…Nice ali project ripoff op song.

Telecards and stuff.
The concept of this game is that the main heroine loves her non blood-related onii-chan (more of a childhood friend relationship) but unfortunately he’s a huge sadist and she knows this. After coming back to Japan and being reunited with him she asks to be his pet. Thus starts the adventures of a cute SM romance eroge. She does not like pain though.
Why no I am not interested in this game whatever gave you such a crazy idea.

Genre is 未来も過去も愛してるADV “I love you in both the future and past ADV”. Protag has some telekinesis ability but is otherwise an ordinary guy until he meets a girl from the future who claims he dumped her, another girl with supernatural abilities, and sister in law twins who start living with him. And he has a really cute childhood friend. I have no idea what this game is supposed to be about but it does not sound particularly thrilling.

Moogy note: The writer for this, Kagami Yuu, is pretty well-regarded. He did Haru no Ashioto, Asukimi, ef, eden*, etc. Personally I liked the text in eden*. Seems to be getting decent scores as well.


Telecards and stuff.
We all looked at the concept one day and just kind of laughed. Basically the main heroine and protag start off already in love and flirt openly and you, the reader are supposed to enjoy this super moe situation. Thing is neither of them actually confessed to each other yet and they aren’t officially lovers. You can control when to confess and apparently the later you confess the more erotic the eroscenes become. Sooo if you’re into this sort of thing you’ll probably love it. Also neat op.

Moogy note: Great OP and soundtrack. Artist is a guy from Alicesoft, did Only You as well as some stuff for Galzoo, TT3, and Daiteikoku. Nekonade Distortion, this brand’s previous game, had really crappy art, so at least they stepped up that aspect… No interest in the contents though.

Rance Quest (blocks foreigners)
This game has a online player info function, you can see the progress of all players in percentage, separated into beginning, middle, end, and postgame.
When Moogy beat the game only 4% of players were on postgame.

Moogy note: A lot of people have made the comment that this is more of a Rance series fandisc more than anything, and I’m inclined to agree with that. I won’t say it’s impossible to enjoy if you’ve only played Rance 7 (Sengoku), but being familiar with the series as a whole definitely helps a lot. There are no major events in the plot this time and I think they could have done more with some elements of the system, but overall I enjoyed the new system and getting to play around with a bunch of characters from throughout the series. Definitely looking forward to Rance 9, which is the next major story arc and should be more similar to Rance 6.


I’m obliged to post this because of the hilarious title. “My Zombie Classmate is a Princess”.

Moogy note: The protagonist’s name is written with the kanji 存在刃. Also this is an Abel landmine, worth checking out if you enjoy terrible games with terrible systems. Pretty clearly an attempt to cash-in on light novel-style plots… Written by the author of YU-NO, how far he has fallen.

Well it looks pretty. Kind of. More than I can say for most other things in this post. Genre is “Love Comedy that goes beyond Time and Space”. I’m too lazy to find out what this might consist of. Apparently protag hugs a girl who transferred into his school the moment she introduces herself because she is the girl he sees in his dreams of his previous life.

What’s that you say? This post is way too half-assed? Now that isn’t really my fault is it?
Holy hell Ogura Yui is working hard she’s in everything again. Tied with Kawashima at 28 roles for the year, with Sakuragawa coming in second at 26.

This month’s personal picks: Uhh…….. join me next month!

To make up for being late I might introduce September’s eroge early.
Actually, it felt like I didn’t do any real introductions for August and I’m somewhat dissatisfied so I’ll most likely do a September overview early.
Don’t worry, there are lots of stuff to look forward to this month.

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    cono yaro

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    What a strange coincidence, I’m not at all interested in an osananajimiimouto cute SM romance either. What a crazy thought. I wouldn’t want people to think it.

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    i feel offended reading this as an eroge lover… btw , i dont like SM either

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    Awsome info and on to the. I dont know if this describes actually the best position to question but do you humans have any ideea where you’ll get some ghost writers? Thank you so much :)

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