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Sorry, no overviews today. At first I was going to use this as an opening for next month’s, but it got too long. In this post I discuss world affairs like a socially aware intelligent and active member of society, and speak out for myself because I believe a single person’s words has the power to change things as long as they believe and try. That all men are born equal. That everyone has a right to speech and be heard, to fairness and equality. I will abide by my beliefs despite the risks, and discuss a very controversial topic. Proper eroge blogging.

In order to make proper blog posts, fit in with the blogosphere, turn blogging into my full-time job, and plaster this place with ads for revenue, I need to include at least the following in my monthly overviews: embedded OPs, cover images, screenshot samples, staff listings with previous works, my experience with those works, translated synopsis, trial impressisons, and preorder bonuses. I will work on this so I can be taken seriously by others, so you can be flooded with so much information that it actually becomes unclear what you should expect from the game. Because, well, not like you care about the writing quality, or instant categorization of moege/chara vs scenario game (ie uguu vs rldl), and would rather just read shit bashing moege for being moege or bashing scenario games for being moege as interpreted by others. I’ll also take down all nukige too regardless of the brand’s reputation, and regardless of whether or not it is introduced with OPs in the nicovideo I use. Because nukige aren’t important at all and nobody cares about them (okay sorry this is somewhat true since every month a mass of low price/no name nukige come out monopolizing half the releases in numbers, but I’ll still let you know which ones deserve attention).

I’m sorry. I’ll provide you with more proper posts from now on. I’ll also refrain from linking to the telecards each time because nobody appreciates that except one person who will suffer deeply as a result, and no other blog does it anyway. I mean, erotic images drawn especially for telecards used nowhere else. Not interesting at all. It’d be more prudent to plaster images everywhere. I can’t neglect my 5 or so readers.

Anyway, satire aside I honestly think that one of the main problem with eroge reviews and previews is that a lot of them don’t exactly outright state the nature of the game. You’d think you’d be able to tell whether the game is a character game or scenario game just by looking, but people often hold false first impressions. Scores on erogamescape aren’t all that accurate too, generally scores in the 70’s mean average or above average and 80’s mean good or very good. 90+ is extremely rare. But those are just rough estimates, if a character game has an average score of 82, sure it might be good, it might have really appealing characters and moving scenes and funny content, but it might lack an actual plot or well written text. I’m sure we’ve all had experience with playing or watching things after reading reviews, and then feeling completely different from the reviewer, followed by an urge to kick the reviewer in the sack. If anything, while browsing erogamescape you should focus more on the POVs, then mentally adjust the numbers. The wisest choice though would be to just play the trial, but not everyone has the time or patience to sit through them, especially to try out something they might not play.

It can be difficult to discern the nature of games for new games or games that aren’t even out yet, especially if all you have is an OP movie to help you judge. And since roughly twenty full price eroge are released each month, not many people have the patience to gather information for every game. I’m willing to bet every other eroge blogger out there doesn’t actually go that far, that they just take a quick glance then proceed to stuff their blog with visuals and some opinions based on the visuals/OP. Which is no different from nico comments, ie: lol shit vs on my buy list. (Of course, they probably do a little research or already know a little about the game if they decide to give something they’re interested in a positive preview. But I do that for every game to make sure I don’t overlook anything.)

Browsing new releases is a hobby of mine, and although it may not look like it since I just provide a short paragraph or two for each game, I’m pretty thorough about it. I spend a lot of time sifting through game homepages and reading things, looking at images, and going onto erogamescape in order to check writers etc, but it’s not a pain in the ass since I’ve been doing this for over a year. It’s not much different than reading a magazine. I just took the opportunity to share the information (essentially, is this a chara game or scenario game, does it look like a promising chara game or scenario game) I obtained from my “efforts” because a few people suggested it.

My main goal in writing these posts is just to help you discern what type of game to expect, so you can choose what to play and what to ignore. I try to be objective and avoid strong opinions, but I’ll throw my own impressions in here and there. Ultimately though, it’s up to you to decide.

Okay I’m sick of sounding somewhat serious they’re just eroge overview posts they’re not going to change your life whatever stop being dicks.

tldr: everyone is retarded
real tldr: the goal of my posts is to stop first glance false impressions but I don’t care I can’t stop people from being fags

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  1. Raide says:

    So are you gonna aim for maximum ads revenue using eroge blogging in English language, or just PROPER eroge blogging in English language?

    You should post some more pictures. One pictures per title in monthly eroge overview post at least.

    Also, more reviews. Your Sona-Nyl’s is one rare gem and your Shumon Yuu Primer is very interesting.

  2. Raide says:

    Oops I made a mistake. I mixed up the blog post writer.

  3. shio says:

    What is a telecard anyway? From what I see, they’re just ero pictures posted as a form of ad(?)

  4. teru's fan says:

    teru, please, write more. Anything is okay, just write more.

    Telecards’ links are must keep. 1-2 images per post is more than enough. Images of traps, ofc.

    Also, write in Japanese. Srsly, fuck English.

  5. teruterubouzu says:


  6. Tries says:

    There are a million blogs that cover new releases already. This blog should focus on eroge reviews (which is what the lazy fuck who started this piece of shit intended in the first place) so I can disagree with you.