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Alright Fungi fell off the face of the Earth so your old pal Kefit is here to step in and give you all a mid-season anime review. I apologize in advance if this isn’t as low effort as Fungi’s renowned posts, but I’m trying my best ok. Super important key: Bold = I’ve watched or am about to watch the most recently aired episode; Italics = I watched one episode, maybe two and then dropped; nothing = I didn’t watch a single episode.

Another – To be quite honest I don’t understand horror as a genre. But that’s ok this show is awful anyway.

Aquarion – This show looks like a lot of fun and has some nice character designs. Unfortunately I never watched the first series. Maybe I should fix that some day.

Guilty Crown – Holy shit best show of the millennium since Basquash. This show simply never stops surprising me, which is very important in this kind of wonderful horror party. Episode 17 was quite simply ineffable…the most ineffable episode since episode 12, in fact.

High School Boys – This just looks ridiculously retarded.

High School DxD – This show is basically about becoming 14 again in real life and it’s hilarious and awesome and I want a chuu2 arm and a cute Ashia of my own. Bestest ED sequence award. Other girls suck compared to Ashia though. I don’t really have much else to say about this except that Harem King is a pretty cool “abbreviation.”

InuBoku – The girl is cute but nothing worth sifting through shitloads of fabulous for.

Milky Holmes S2 – The manic energy and active visuals of s1 except without the fresh creative writing that drove the comedy and evolved the characters in fun amusing ways and ultimately made s1 into such a success. The result is a mere stoner comedy – an endless deluge of randomness and tired one-note jokes (Twenty’s nipples, Cordelia’s singing, Elly’s 露出, I could go on) without any real comedic spark. It’s still got its occasional moments, but as the series goes on I’m getting increasingly disappointed with this second season. Where the hell is Moriarty? She was all set to drive this season forward in fun new ways. But I guess actually coming up with something new is too hard for the writers behind s2 =/

Mirai Nikki – People who actually watch this like random yandere so much that they are willing to excuse bad writing and bad characterization and bad everything else.

Mouretsu Pirates – Serious sci-fi series + bad character designs + awful voice acting + nothing happening forever = unwatchable aural priapism. Come on I expected better from you Sato. The first episode looked like shit too. (I’ve heard this show gets better but bad voice acting and bad art keep me away).

Natsumachi – This is basically an early 2000s romance drama comedy done with a wonderful modern art style and Nagai’s deft directorial touch. It still remains to be seen if this will end well. The writing so far has been very solid (yessssss a male lead who clearly expresses his affections for the lead female instead of leading on the entire cast for most of the series), but I’m still concerned that the series will trainwreck toradora style in its final act. Well, no one is a terrible character like Minori was…also the most recent episode employed rather lazy writing by using surprise osananajimi to force drama. But I’ll forgive that misstep because surprise osananajimi is cute and has good chemistry with Kaito. Too bad she’s voiced by Kayano. Fuck Kayano she’s a talentless hack. Seriously go watch fucking Merry and tell me she’s not. I am ceaselessly irritated that she gets so many fucking roles these days. Also people Mio appears to be a budding nudist, not a fucking exhibitionist. Nudism is pretty much the opposite of exhibitionism, in fact.

Nisemonogatari – I don’t like Nisioisin (although to be fair I haven’t tried his dialogue in JP [and my JP hearing comprehension is quite bad compared to how much of the language I know so I probably won't be trying any time soon]) and I don’t like super Shinbo-y Shinbo. Nadeko is hot though.

Papakiki – The show where nothing ever happens except for Sora being hot and Hina being cute except Pixiv seems to translate “Hina being cute” to “Hina likes a bunch of dicks.” Seriously this show is fucking soporific which is weird because it has the fucking Regios director who is pretty good at making shows enjoyable. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as much of a problem if they adapted more than one LN volume in six episodes. It also looks like shit compared to regular Feel shows, what’s up with that. The best part of this show is the extremely addictive ED that is far better than it has any right to be.

Rinne no Lagrange – Serious mecha series + one dimensional k-on girls = unwatchable massive tonal clash. Come on I expected better from you Sato. The first episode had good visuals, at least. (I’ve heard the tonal clash problems with this show just get worse and worse).

Shana – So this show has a cute flame haze who just kind of started to appear around episode 12. She wasn’t given any sort of proper introduction and I don’t know her name. But she’s cute and she pilots a chuu2 fighter jet made out of lasers or something so she’s automatically the best part of the show. Seriously holy shit people this show is awful garbage with worse pacing than fucking Index s1. Except remember that the episode of Index that consisted of nothing but two characters talking on a bridge at least had the decency to involve two of the series’ major characters. Compare to Shana’s nonstop torrent of random new characters that no one knows the name of and that no one could possibly care about in any way unless they are fucking retards. And just look at those fucking monster designs! They are the utmost essence of the kind of falderal produced by the ravings of a mentally disabled meth head. Speaking of fucking retarded meth heads, Shana is not epic holy shit what the fuck is wrong with you if you think a show so awful in every way warrants such a descriptor. Here are proper uses of the word “epic”: Gurren Lagann has epic scale and nekketsu; NEEDLESS has epic irreverence; Eureka Seven has epic falling scenes; Mai-HiME has epic everything. Shana has uh…epic 翠糞蛞蝓髑髏(グリーン・シート・スラッグ・ヘッド) battles. ps I’m still watching this show unlike the other things I’m shitting on here because I watched s1 and s2. And then I watched them again to help get a friend through them so I would have moral support for s3. Fuck.

Symphogear – This show combines a bunch of great things I love. Magical girls, song fighting, Lord Blazer with super charged Durandal, cute lesbian snugglebunnies, badass fights, and all around well done directing and production in general. Unfortunately, it seems like it wants to be a bunch of other things too, to the point where it’s starting to feel overcrowded and whacked out. A couple of the characters have had odd sudden turns of characterization too. Still, the series is a shitload of fun, and really this is enough to make up for these deficiencies. This and Natsumachi are the only shows this season that I watch full screen, and in fact are the only shows I’ve given this kind of dedicated treatment in a very long time.

Zero no Tsukaima s4 – This show is so fucking bad. I wish Saito would just fuck everyone. At the same time. That would be a lot better than the hilariously bad attempts at writing an actual plot that this series feels compelled to include. I think I remember that s1 had interesting characterization at some point too…or maybe that was just a desperate dream of a fevered mind. Yeah, probably just that. It wouldn’t be the first time I thought a show was decent five years ago when it was actually terrible.

Ok that should be everything that I can remember the name of that’s airing right now. And anything I didn’t remember to put on this list is doubtlessly worthless. Come to think of it I forgot about Persona.

All in all not a bad season. In fact, the presence of Symphogear and Natsumachi, combined with the sheer fun of Guilty Crown and Harem King makes this the best season in quite some time. But if I learned anything from Penguindrum it’s that any show, no matter how good, can become a festering cesspool of hatred and pain in its final episodes. Will this season avoid this fate? Only time can tell.

(the answer is “probably not but I remain foolishly optimistic and it’s not like anything can actually fuck up Guilty Crown’s imponderable majesty at this point”)

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  1. herkz says:

    Guest review by herkz

    Natsume s4 – If you’re watching this you probably already know what to expect since you watched the previous three seasons.

  2. Hazukashii says:

    I like shana over GC. Yuji demands my blowjobs.

  3. Hazukashii says:

    Also mouretsu pirates best op of 2012

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