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The about page was terrible, holy shit.

This is Moogy’s blog, but occasionally some other people post here too. If you’re reading it, there’s probably no hope left for you.

As far as the blog itself goes, it used to be a generic anime blog in ages long past, but nowadays it mostly pertains to (untranslated) eroge and light novels if by some unthinkable twist of fate I find myself actually updating it. Old entries will never be restored, but you don’t want to read them anyway.

(Last updated July 12th, 2014)

3 Responses to About

  1. gaytard says:

    when are you going to write a review of muramasa??

  2. not moogy says:

    i am moogy and i am either senile or ADHD or both because clearly this is not where my blog is going

  3. Dan00X says:

    Hi guys (?), Question. Do you have an RSS Channel from where I can follow your news more easy? Thanks d(^o^)b